Stop Googles Eye on Your Photos

Stop Googles Eye on Your Photos


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Do you happily take many photos with your Android phone? Maybe you even take some, that wasn't meant for sharing anywhere. Did you know that by default Google will sync and backup every photo on your phone, even if you delete it from your phone it still persists in the cloud.

If you are like me, for what ever reason you might have, want to have a grib on where your photos are located. Then follow this short walkthrough on how you disable the feature. I should clarify that it is only applicable to Android phones.

  • First locate the Photos app on your phone:


  • In the top left, expand the side menu and choose Settings.
  • First option here should be `Back up & sync". Disable this.
  • Your phone does now no longer upload your photos to the Google cloud!

But in order to delete what is already shared, you must go to and delete it there. Don't worry, there's no longer a synchronisation going on, so nothing is changed on your phone.

Of course, you must do this on any device you might have.

In case you wonder. The cover photo was taken in a mall just outside Tel Aviv, Israel.